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What Is An Acceptable Breakage Rate For New Commercial Windows?

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The acceptable breakage rate for a new commercial window might be higher than you think.
Generally, a breakage rate of 1-2% is acceptable. This means that one or two of every 100
installed windows might break during the installation process due to environmental factors or
accidental damage. It’s important to understand that breakage rates can vary depending on
several factors, including the type of glass, installation method, and location of the building. Who
you choose to install your windows can make a huge difference. Experts at Thompson Exterior
Services committed to ensuring the longevity of your windows.

Comparing Different Kinds of Window Glass

Some industries have more stringent requirements when it comes to window breakage rates.
For example, the automotive industry has a much lower acceptable breakage rate, as even a
small crack or chip can compromise the windshield’s structural integrity, which could be life-
threatening in the event of an accident.

When assessing the acceptability of a breakage rate for new commercial windows, it’s important
to consider the various types of glass and their inherent qualities. Tempered glass is designed
to break into small, safe pieces upon impact, making it a popular choice for commercial
windows. However, tempered glass can still break due to factors like high winds, extreme
temperature changes, and impacts from foreign objects. Laminated glass is another common
type used in commercial windows, consisting of two or more layers of glass with a layer of clear
vinyl between them. This design makes it more impact-resistant and offers increased security
compared to tempered glass. However, laminated glass can still break under extreme pressure
or force.

Window Glass Installation Methods

In addition to the type of glass, the installation method and location of the building can also
affect the acceptable breakage rate. Buildings in areas prone to extreme weather conditions or
high traffic may have a higher risk of window damage and, therefore, a higher acceptable
breakage rate. The type of building can also play a role in determining an acceptable breakage
rate. A hospital or research laboratory may have a lower acceptable breakage rate due to the
sensitive equipment and materials housed within the building.

To ensure that a commercial building’s windows are installed and maintained correctly, working
with a reputable and experienced contractor is crucial. Contractors should be knowledgeable
about local building codes and regulations and provide a warranty for their work to ensure that
any issues are promptly addressed. Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent
window damage and prolong the life of the windows. Simple tasks like cleaning, lubricating
hinges, and checking seals can help identify and prevent potential issues before they become
more severe and expensive to repair.

Even though an acceptable breakage rate for new commercial windows is generally 1-2%, who
you choose to install your windows can make a huge difference. By working with a reputable contractor like Thompson Exterior Services, and implementing regular maintenance and inspections, building owners can help prevent window damage and ensure the longevity of their windows.

If you are looking into replacing your commercial glass windows, give the professionals at Thompson Exterior Services a call, and we’ll help you with the process. 



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