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Fall Protection

Fall Protection & Safety Systems Services

Fall protection is much more than beams, anchors and bolts. It is a complete system that has been engineered and designed for a specific application. Thompson Fall Protection offers fully compliant, custom tailored engineered personal fall arrest systems and fall protection products. These practical turnkey solutions are designed for different structures, and in all types of industries.

From anchorages for single line suspension systems, like Rope Descent Systems (RDS), to systems for supporting powered platforms and roof cars, all installations are supervised, approved and stamped by a licensed professional engineer experienced in the design of fall protection systems.

Our skilled team of professionals will work with you to evaluate your facility and then design a system that meets your needs, satisfies compliance issues, and protects your investment from liability.

Roof Anchors
Wall Anchors

Roof & Wall Anchors

Roof top anchors are an essential part of any system. Thompson offers a selection of high-quality roof top anchors which are compatible with various fall arrest connecting systems. No matter the slope or material of your roof, we have a solution for all environments and unique situations.

All roof anchors are constructed using a Patented 3/4-inch Stainless Steel U-Bar, welded to a structural steel tube. The entire anchor is Hot Dipped Galvanized on the interior and exterior surfaces. This ensures the most corrosive-resistant anchor available. This anchor comes in many configurations to match your building’s construction.

These roof anchors can also be coated in a high-visibility orange coating that provides easy identification and location for workers when excessive rooftop equipment is present. This coating is impact, UV and chemical resistant to provide years of maintenance-free service.

All wall series anchors are fabricated entirely from type 304 stainless steel. The Patented 3/4-inch U-Bar is welded to a stainless steel plate. All attachment hardware is also stainless steel. This ensures years of trouble-free service and eliminates unsafe and unsightly corrosion. This anchor is extremely economical and when installed in most walls requires no additional flashing costs.

Product Details

Thompson Fall Protection is a complete turnkey provider of OSHA compliant roof and wall  anchors systems.  Contact us for expert assistance with your fall protection requirements.

Roof Safety Guardrails

OSHA Compliant

Nobody wants a workplace accident. That’s why guardrails are a perfect protection system for your company. Whether you have a more permanent need for guardrail systems like a construction zone, a temporary need like sidewalk construction near your entrance, or a specialized need like regular roof access protection, Thompson Fall Protection is here to help.

Rooftop guardrail systems are a critical form of fall protection. Our guardrail systems can be fully customizable to fit your unique facility and come in a variety of permanent and temporary solutions; the most popular is the non-penetrating permanent railings. All of our roof systems are designed to meet or exceed OSHA regulations and can are easy to assemble on the surface of your roof.

With our roof guardrail systems, you can rest easy knowing that both your employees and your building are always safe and secure.

Thompson Fall Protection is a complete turnkey provider of OSHA compliant Roof guardrail systems.  Contact us for expert assistance with your fall protection requirements.

Roof Safety Guardrail Systems
Anchor Load Testing
Fall Protection Inspections

Anchor Load Testing & Fall protection Inspections

Anchor and Davit Arm Load Testing

Thompson Fall Protection offers a range of services related to non-destructive load testing of rooftop fall arrest anchors and davit arm assemblies. We use a load test protocol that is safe for your roof…and your anchor.

Our engineers make determinations about the strength of the anchor by reviewing the anchor and building drawings, as well as the geometry of the anchor itself. In addition, our inspectors spot potential problems like corrosion, bad welds, etc. via visual inspection.

Fall Protection Inspections

Annual fall protection system inspection and re-certification is about more than just complying with OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. Engineered fall protection systems consist of a myriad of components that wear with usage, and unauthorized system modifications can put your employees-and your company-at risk. For all of these reasons, your fall protection system needs annual inspection and re-certification by a qualified person.

Each of our certified inspectors are trained to identify worn components and make any repairs required to ensure safe use of your system. 

Inspection and re-certification are two phases of the annual review process. During an inspection, the safety engineer will determine if repairs and adjustments are needed to re-certify the system. If the system is found in good working order, then no repairs are required to re-certify. In other instances, repairs are needed before we can move forward with re-certification. We call this two-step process entire process “inspection for re-certification.”

Horizontal Lifeline Systems (HLL)

Horizontal Lifeline Systems, also known as HLL systems, are utilized in many of the fall arrest and fall restraint systems. HLL’s are used primarily for restraint of the technician on the roof and or the ledge when performing necessary tasks. They solve a very real problem and can allow safe access to areas that would be potentially deadly if a fall would to occur, by limiting access to the fall. Horizontal lifelines are common fall protection solutions in work areas that lack existing anchor points for personnel tie–off.

These systems can run short distances or even up to hundreds of feet with the proper intermediate posts for support. HLL’s are designed to fit the very specific conditions of each site and require proper engineering designs. Traditional tie back anchors can also be incorporated into the system to allow suspended access work and fall arrest capabilities.

 When used in combination with personal protective equipment, a horizontal lifeline can arrest a fall, limiting the amount of force that is transferred both to the worker and the fall arrest system. This same combination of horizontal lifeline, body harness, and lanyard can also serve as a fall restraint system, limiting the the worker’s ability to move close enough to fall over an unprotected leading edge. The fall restraint and fall arrest properties of horizontal lifelines make the HLL an integral part of many fall protection systems.

Horizontal Lifeline Systems
Davit Arms Systems

Davit Arms Systems

The main function of a Davit Arm is support for suspended scaffold systems. They can be short or tall depending on the parapet wall conditions, or may even allow the scaffold to raise high enough to clear the wall and swing the unit onto the roof. Some have very large outreach to clear obstacles below such as balconies or cornices.

We also design davit arms for hauling material to upper levels and can incorporate lifting devices to assist with this. Davit Arms are almost always designed to fit the particular buildings requirements and can be fabricated to fit most new construction and existing buildings.

Product Details

Thompson Fall Protection is a complete turnkey provider of OSHA compliant davit arms systems.  Contact us for expert assistance with your fall protection requirements.

Safety Netting Systems

We offer Debris and Safety netting for industrial and construction applications. Our netting systems meet or exceed OSHA’s Subpart M.

We believe in a job well done. Proper safety practices are a key part of that. Take the necessary precautions with a safety net and safety netting accessories. Thomson Fall Protection offers safety nets and debris containment nets to maintain safety for your workers and the general public. These products are easy to install, simple to use and require low maintenance.  

  • Safe working environment. 
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Improve productivity and reduce downturn from injuries and clean up.
Product Details
  • Full turnkey customization available
  • Supervised installation  and sub-contractors available
  • 3/16” mesh opening fluorescent orange polyester (various colors and sizes available) 
  • Fire resistant coating debris net with double seat belt border and center grommets every four feet

OSHA compliant – exceeds 200 lbs. lateral force if properly installed by a qualified professional and will meet or exceed the following standards/regulations:

*ANSI/ASSE A10.11-1989 (R1998) 
*OSHA 1926.451 g4 (ix) 
*NYC Local Law 61 including reference standard 19-4 10.8 & 10.9

Fiber Content: High Density Polyethylene – UV Treated

Fire Retardant Standard: Meets NFPA 701 Method II original and after 72 HRS leaching & Boston Fire Marshal FR Standard (independently tested). Classification Fire Test – BFD1X-1.

Safety Netting Systems

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