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Glass & Glaze Replacement

Commercial and Residential

High-Rise Glass Solutions

When it comes to high-rise structures, you’re dealing with a different kind of glass. This is because skyscrapers extend up towards the sky. Elements like wind exert pressure on them, so they have to withstand that force and also support the weight of people or objects if they come into contact with them. Although this type of glass boards are resilient and highly durable, these panels can crack under extreme situations-including weather elements-and must be replaced once broken.

The average size of a skyscraper glass panel weighs more than an average glass board, and when it is damaged by wind or other factors, the repair must be done with specialized equipment by a reputable building repair company like Thompson.

With skyscrapers taking over our urban jungles, it is of the utmost importance that we remember to repair and replace broken or damaged glass. 

The easiest way to tell if it’s time for a glass repair is if there has been significant and visible damage to your windows. If you notice cracks, scratches, or more noticeable damage it’s probably time to replace your glass. Some other signs your glass window may need to be replaced include: cold drafts, condensation, and cloudiness/fogginess. 

If you’re still not sure if you need a glass replacement, feel free to contact us at Thompson Exterior Services and we will do our best to help you.

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Steps For Your Glass Replacement


The Initial Call

The best way to initiate a glass replacement service is to contact one of our senior glass experts.

Complete Questionairre

There are a couple things we need to know before getting started on your project.

– The Year your building was built
– The Company who built it
– The type of glazing on your building
– Any Structural plans or details



Site Survey

Once the questionnaire is complete, our team of true professionals will head on over to your building to gather and determine your glass makeup, UV Ratings and coloring.

During this step, we collect information ir order design the best system and methodology for your building.

Sample Order

Based on our findings from the Site Survey, we place an order of glass samples, which usually take 2 weeks to arrive. These samples assure an accurate color match.

Once samples have arrived and been matched to the building, the winning glass will be ordered and arrive in up to 2 months, depending on the manufacturer.




Once the glass has arrived from the manufacturer, our professional team, led by Senior Manager Russel, will install it and ensure that the new glass meets specifications.

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