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Concrete Repair & Restoration

Concrete Restoration Services

The best offense is a good defense. Before your building is heavily damaged, contact our experts to protect, waterproof and/or renovate your structures. 


Balcony & Facade Restoration

If you notice cracks in the concrete of your balcony or building, call Thompson to evaluate how we can help. Cracks in the concrete will be problematic for northeast climates because of their exposure to elements. When we investigate why these cracks happened, it’ll help us determine what you need – whether it’s a repair or replacing your entire balcony structure altogether. We will investigate and determine what caused the damage and then repair it accordingly. 

The keys to a successful balcony renovation include removing all deteriorated components like concrete or steel, exposing corroded re-enforcing steel on the surface of remaining exposed pieces with appropriate finishing materials for whichever component was featured in construction; this process ensures long term durability when done right! 

The right treatment of steel and concrete ensures that repairs are durable and long-lasting!

Parking Garage Restoration

Besides their utilitarian nature, parking garages are often a properties’ initial point of entry. Parking garages should be safe, well lit, dry and in good condition. Parking garages can pose a unique set of expensive repair problems. Movement and water can deteriorate the concrete parking surfaces and the expansion joints that are designed to provide both parking and waterproof protection to the occupants of the garage. 

The heavy load imposed by parked vehicles, wet weather, hot temperatures and extreme cold, all contribute to the damage of parking garages. The parking garage’s concrete and expansion joints must be adequately maintained to reduce damage. The short and long-term effects of inadequate parking garage maintenance can be detrimental and costly.

Thompson has extensive experience in the maintenance and repair of concrete parking structures in the New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut area. Whether structural work, expansion joint replacement or concrete repairs are required to ensure the stability of the deck and ramp structure or a traffic bearing, waterproof coating is needed to protect the integrity of the concrete and garage occupants from water infiltration, Thompson offers a wide range of services that will extend the life of your parking garage investment.


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