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The Importance of High-Rise Glass Replacement

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With skyscrapers taking over our urban jungles, it is of the utmost importance that we remember to repair and replace broken or damaged glass. Picture this: you’re walking down 5th Avenue and suddenly broken glass comes crashing down from a fifty-story building. That’s enough of an interruption to ruin your entire evening, if not worse.

High Rise Glass Replacement is a matter of public safety, occupant comfort, and ultimately peace of mind. So, how do you know it’s time for a glass replacement? Below we’ve outlined the 7 signs that indicate it’s time for a glass replacement.

7 Signs It's Time for a glass replacement

1. There is Visible Damage

The easiest way to tell if it’s time for a glass repair is if there has been significant and visible damage to your windows. If you notice cracks, scratches, or more noticeable damage it’s probably time to replace your glass.

2. Cold Drafts

If there are continued cold drafts coming into your building, even when the windows are closed, this can be a sign that the window seals have been damaged. If the cold is coming in, it will take longer to warm your building and will result in higher utility bills.

3. Your Energy Bill is Too High

Even if you don’t physically notice a draft, sometimes a tell-tale sign that it’s time for a glass replacement is an unusually high energy bill.

4. Large Amount of Noise from Outside

Windows are supposed to be the barrier between the outside and inside. If you are hearing every dog bark, and upset taxi driver, it might be time to consider Glass Replacement, for the sake of your sanity.

5. Your Windows are Sweating

If you notice excessive condensation between your window panes, it means your windows are not properly sealed and functioning. It’s time for a glass replacement.

6. There has Been a Recent/Recurrent Storm

If there has been a really rough storm lately or various recurrent storms in your area, there can be various unforeseen damages to your windows.

7. Windows Appear Cloudy/Foggy Even After Cleaning

If your windows appear cloudy or foggy even after a cleaning, this is a sign you are due for a Glass Replacement.

If you’re still not sure if you need a glass replacement, feel free to contact us at Thompson Exterior Services and we will do our best to help you solve your building exterior problem.

For over a decade, our vision at Thompson Exterior Services has been to spread high quality building exterior services to all of our clients. Our diverse team of trained professionals aims to provide client-focused solutions to each project. Over the years, we have worked with some of the best companies in the NYC tri-state area such as NJ Transit, Greystar, and many more. 

Choose Thompson Exterior Services for your next glass replacement project for your building. We will always go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations. 


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