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The Aesthetics of Building Facade Maintenance

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We all get caught up in the day-to-day, 9-5 routine. As skyscrapers continue to take over the New York skyline, now is the time to bring on the high-rise eye candy. When you fall into the routine of things, it’s easy to get sucked into your business – sometimes literally (when was the last time you went outside?). Your building facade may have started to turn a mucky color, or maybe the windows are due for a cleaning. All in all, exterior maintenance will always assure your building is squeaky clean and ready to compete with the other urban giants. 

No One Likes Ugly (buildings)

Oftentimes, when thinking about facade maintenance safety is the first thing to come to mind; cleaning up broken glass, installing fall protection systems, etc. Although safety is always a top priority, it is not the only player in the game and should always work in tandem with aesthetics. While there is no question that the inner workings of your business are important, you cannot underestimate the impact that the aesthetics and exterior cleanliness of your building can have on customers, future residents, or anyone else who may happen to pass by. First impressions are pivotal. They all say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but everyone knows it’s the cover that draws them in and the good experience that makes them stay. Aesthetics have an emotional impact on business partners, consumers, and your average Joe.

A Window into Your Business

A building’s windows are more than glass planes that shield your occupants from the weather, they are actually a portal from the inner workings of your structure to the view of the world beyond. Your windows rely very heavily on facade maintenance in order to keep their sensible aesthetics. Whether it is true of your business or not, dirty windows or a dirty facade will always imply negligence on the part of your company. Having a nice looking building with clean windows allows people to see in to confirm the quality of your business’s goods or services. Thus, cleanliness on the outside suggests cleanliness on the inside as well. The windows also play a large role in employee happiness and productivity. Clean windows help bring in natural light and access to natural light has been found to boost employee experience. 

A nice and clean facade boosts curb appeal. Most people do not want to dawdle in front of a grimy building. Additionally, adding something unique to your building facade whether that means adding a pop of color to your paneling system or another unique design element can make a huge difference. Keeping those colors and designs sharp can really benefit your business and will surely get the right attention. 

The Building’s Purpose

A building’s facade represents its purpose. Does the building want to blend into its surroundings or does it want to stand out? The facade of your building can also represent your business’s mission or role. A bank may want to look different on its outside than an art gallery would. These discussions should come up when figuring out your building facade and how you want to maintain it.

All in all, when considering the aesthetics of your building, Thompson Exterior is a one stop shop for all your facade maintenance needs. We will help you maintain your image and showcase your building in the best light. Want to clean your windows, power wash your exterior or even have some restoration done? We are your guys! Give us a call today, to get started. 


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