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Five Tips for Repairing a High-Rise Glass Window

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A broken or cracked window can be scary and dangerous. Just imagine walking down Broadway and shards of sharp glass come flying onto the sidewalk. With high-rise buildings dominating New York’s skyline, glass-safety is no joke. In fact, maintaining fresh windows and replacing any broken glass is a matter of public safety. The best way to fix a broken window is to call an exterior service company like Thompson Exterior. We would remove the broken glass, provide a temporary solution while awaiting matching glazing, and then we would install the new glazing.

However, there are some things that can be done to prevent any further injury or stress. Here are some simple steps you can take:

Clear and Clean the Area

Safety should always come first! If there’s no time to wait for the exterior service company to arrive, here’s where clearing and cleaning the area really come into play. When considering where to start with a glass replacement project, the first step should be to clear the area. Shattered glass can be a serious danger and you do not want anyone in the vicinity to get hurt. Make sure that any person in the vicinity of the broken window is moved. Warn people in the building also so they know to avoid the area. It is extremely dangerous to leave broken glass lying around so you must try to CAREFULLY clean it. 

To clean the glass, put on protective gear. This includes clothing that covers your entire arms and legs, closed toed shoes, and gloves. You can pick up the largest pieces with a glove. To pick up any small pieces use a broom and a vacuum. It is always good to do a few run throughs to make sure you really got rid of all the pieces of broken glass. 

Secure the Opening

There may be jagged pieces left where the window once stood. To prevent anyone from getting hurt from those pieces it is essential to block the opening. Also, leaving an open area to the outside can be extremely dangerous. Securing the opening can help prevent tragic accidents. Some materials that you can use to help block the opening are tape for small cracks or canvas and sturdy plastic for larger holes.



Call a Glass Professional

Call #TEAMTHOMPSON at (732) 997-8138. We can set up an appointment to help assess the damage and replace the windows. We can also make a plan to ensure such an issue does not occur again. At Thompson Exterior Services we are trained to work with skyscraper glass panels which can be more complex than your average house window glass. We would be happy to also look at any other windows you may have a concern about so we can ensure that those windows also do not crack.


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