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6 Things to Look For in a Good Contractor

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Not every contractor will be the right contractor for your specific project. So, before jumping on a call, it’s important to ask yourself: what makes a good contractor? The best contractors will possess around six defining characteristics that will differentiate them from the rest.

What to Look for in a Good Contractor

  1. They have a Vision

    A good contractor will have a clear vision of where they can take your project and know the steps to accomplish it. An even better contractor will be able to communicate this vision clearly and effectively with their client to assure everyone is on the same page.

  2. A Great Attitude

    Successful contractors will have a positive attitude about their work. This positivity will assure a good dynamic within team members.

  3. Great Communication Skills

    The best contractors know how to speak and listen effectively to listen to their clients needs as well as share their vision and knowledge of each potential and current project.

  4. Good Portfolio of Past Projects

    Sometimes, it is difficult to gauge workmanship through conversation alone and so taking a look at past projects becomes essential to understanding if you would like to move forward with this contractor. Good contractors will have a variety of past works for you to look through and see if this is the type of work you would like to have done for you.

  5. Knowledgeable about the Business

    A good contractor knows their business well and can let you know the possible solutions they would be able to provide for your project.

  6. Their Team Works Well Together

    The greatness of a good team, does not come from the greatness of it’s leaders or each individual member, but a good team does reflect on a good leader. A good contractor will pick his team wisely, assuring everyone has a significant part to play.

    For over twelve years, our vision at Thompson Exterior Services has been to spread high quality exterior services to all of our clients. Our diverse team of trained professionals aims to provide client-focused solutions to each project. Over the years, we have worked with some of the best companies in the New York City tri-state area such as NJ Transit, Greystar, and many more. 

    Choose Thompson Exterior Services for your next building exterior maintenance project. We will always go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations. 


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