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Power Washing & Waterproofing

Power Washing & Waterproofing Services

The best offense is a good defense. Before your building is heavily damaged, contact us to clean, protect, waterproof and/or renovate your structures. 

Commercial Power Washing

When it comes to cleaning large structures, pressure washing is a necessity. As we all know, the first impression can quickly become a lasting one. That’s doubly true for exterior commercial building cleaning or lack thereof- if your building is not clean then you won’t get visitors! Keeping a clean and appealing exterior as important as maintaining healthy teeth–and that’s worth it when you want your place of business to shine!

Buildings are always under attack from natural elements such as wind or rain or even wildlife visiting the site. When these stains accumulate over time they make a good looking building seem less inviting. If you try to clean a building that is dirty and has unreachable areas such as walls and crevices, it will take forever. Fortunately, professionals like Thompson Exterior Services can use pressure washing when they are cleaning buildings so time won’t be wasted in scrubbing the dirt off of them.


Caulking & Sealant

Thompson has years of experience in using the proper caulking and sealant materials to keep your building safe from the elements. We offer services in new construction, building maintenance and building restoration.

We offer a complete line of caulking and sealant services because our 20+ years of experience tells us that proper joint design and sealant selection is critical in rendering your building watertight.

When you call Thompson Exterior Services, one of our project managers will examine your building and analyze your needs. They will recommend proper procedures and create a building-specific proposal with the necessary documentation. Finally, they will oversee the installation to verify the work is in accordance with all building codes and specifications.

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